The Law of Attraction

Early Understandings of the One Principle

How it works

     The Law of Attraction is simple. Simple to understand,simple to use,and simple to integrate as a life style. The role of consciousness in our Universe is Creation,not stagnation, so whether your desires are to "play with it","check it out","use it",or "live it", just the attempt to understand it is forward movement. Different people learn or comprehend differently so, I will give you the Law of Attraction, as I understand it, then, I will give you links to other teachers who might give you an example that you can relate to better.
      Understanding the Law of Attraction is the first step to understanding yourself and your place in this Universe. It is not a step you can skip. It is not a step you can learn just parts of. It is the fundamental foundation in which all lessons of Higher Learning are based. It is an understanding that was given to us in order to begin our journey toward Ascension by removing the Animal Being we are (Fear) and exposing the God Being within (Love).  Through your study please keep in mind, Nothing just comes to you. You must give to receive. You must work toward your goals and desires. The Universe will guide you but it is up to you to follow through. Let us begin.

     Here is the basic outline:                               

                                                        Step One

Visualize:      See your desires as yours already. Form a picture of what you

                       want in your mind and focus on it. Place yourself in the picture

                       HAVING your desire. As an example, You wouldn't visualize

                       yourself walking around looking at cars if you wanted a new car,

                       would you? See yourself behind the wheel. Feel the sensation of

                       the seat,the wheel in your hand. Hear the engine running, the new

                       sound system. Smell the new car smell. Create a movie of having

                       or being your  desires. Make it as clear and detailed as possible.

                       If you are looking for a mate, leave the face out. You may want a

                       specific person but, they have free will as well and the Universe will

                       find someone who will complete you. Don't worry about how you

                       will receive your desires, you will be told or shown.

                                                        Step Two

Feel:             Feel the emotions of having what you want. Feel the joy of having

                      that new car or the relief and happiness of the end of your financial

                      debt. Feel the love of finally finding "The One" Feel the gratitude for

                      all the things you have.

                                                        Step Three

Believe:       The Universe has given you your desires, believe it, and let it go.

                     Trust that what you want is yours. Feel no doubt. If you feel doubt

                      lose a turn and go back two steps.

                                                        Step Four

 Act:              The Universe will guide you to your desires by "nudging you" in the

                      right direction. If you feel an overwhelming need to do

                      something,call someone,go somewhere then GO,CALL,DO. This

                      is the Universe saying "It's over here".


                                              Listen, watch and act.

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